Recent Sculpture

Hooked@LIM 2019

Embracing Bindy, Crocheted Connections, Bethel, NY

Phish Riviera Maya Installation, Mexico

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds/Phish, Mexico

Phish RIviera Maya 2017

Hooked At Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, NY

The Wall At Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

The Morgantown Tree


Tree Cozy

Lichen It!

Crochet It!

Dressing Up Drangedal, UKRUTT, Drangedal, Norway

Hand-Stitched Hamlet

Tribute Tree -- Chardon High School

Musical Shutters Of Color

The Fountains Of Carouge, Switzerland

Wish Tree

Bolich Wish Trees

Nuclear Cocoon

Best Of Luck, Nuclear World

Paani Bachoa! (Conserve Water!)

The Wee Shoppe Of Global Dysfunctions

Namaste, Bhai! Namaste, Didi!

Namaste, Bhai! Namaste, Didi!

No Shadow Of A Doubt

Dump At Steamboat

Knitscape Broadway

Knitscape Cedar Lee

Knitscape Larchmere

Aspen Invasion-Steamboat Springs

Abandoned Barracks, Wendover Air Force Base


Blue Water

Rickshaw Yarnbombing-Nepal & India


Wooden Pallet Doily, Salt Flats Desert

Oil Drum Doily, Salt Flats Desert

Ammunition Bunker, Wendover Air Force Base

Desert Doily, Salt Flats, Wendover, UT

Silver Island Mountain I

Silver Island Mountain II

Silver Island Mountain IV

Silver Island Mountain III

Grow Lights

Buddha Bound

Tree Cozy - India

Palm Cozy No. 1

Palm Cozy No. 2


Red Carpet

Stepping Out

Mother-in-law No. 1


Long Under(s)


Confined Comforts

Palm Wrap

Project Schnee

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Under Wear

Family Photos


You Are Ugly



Down Under(s) 1, Ohio, USA

Down Under(s) 2, Ohio, USA

Down Under(s) 3, Ohio, USA

Down Under(s) 4, Ohio, USA

Down Under(s) 3 And 4, Drangedal, Norway

Down Under(s) 2, Drangedal, Norway

Down Under(s) 1, Drangedal, Norway

Down Under(s) 5 And 6, Drangedal, Norway

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