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Dressing Up Drangedal, UKRUTT, Drangedal, Norway

Craft Cord
Site specific installations
UKRUTT Open Air Art Exhibition, Drangedal, Norway - 2012
It is time to take back our towns, to throw back the cloak of gray and expose the colorful, the creative, the thoughtful, the fun. Our environments overflow with hidden potential just waiting for the populace to explore, manipulate and shape into vibrant environments. Artwork is the ideal tool to use in reclaiming and reshaping our places and spaces. In this project, my aim was to involve, engage, surprise and amaze the audience through active participation. My art provided the stage upon which interaction with the viewer became the main event. Our environments are our canvases, our creativity our brushes. Using color, imagination and joy, communities can reclaim ownership of their public spaces. It is time to playfully restructure the commonplace through artwork -- the peoples artwork -- in our streets, our neighborhoods, our environments and our lives

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