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Mother-in-law No. 1
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Blossom: Painting/Sculpture, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH (group)
Works, Millworks Gallery, Akron, OH (solo)
Mother-in-law No.1 was inspired by a story about my first mother-in-law and a very ugly afghan she gave me soon after I married her son. But the larger issues behind the piece are the impact of relationships and memories and, like so many of my pieces, the resilience and strength of the individual. The unraveling of the afghan represents the unraveling of relationships, which happens. We choose some relationships and others are thrust upon us. But in both cases, many of these relationships unravel. However, the affects of these relationships resonate within us long after the relationships end. This piece, therefore, symbolizes the unraveling of relationships, the continuing connection to and impact from these relationships, as well as the formation of new relationships.

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