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Hand-Stitched Hamlet

Craft Cord
6-Block Downtown Area
The Hand-Stitched Hamlet was completed in June 2014 with the help of 150 wonder women who crocheted 225,000 feet of macrame into 500 pieces to cover 48 trees, 34 lamp posts and 4 kiosks in the historic downtown area of Oyster Bay, NY. Carol Hummel with her assistant Molly Sedensky turned the town into a living piece of contemporary art during a 6-day stitching marathon. During the one-year-long project, relationships developed, friendships formed or were renewed, the lines of communication between people of all sorts were opened through ART. Oyster Bay is now a piece of artwork for people to live within and to enjoy. AND the project raised $1,000 for an Oyster Bay charity. Community-building through art in action.

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