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Musical Shutters of Color

4mm Craft Cord
Site specific installation
Printemps Carougeois 2013, Carouge, Switzerland - 2013
Musical Shutters of Color is a city-wide installation in Carouge (Geneva), Switzerland that involved covering shutters with notes of color that created visual music that played up and down streets, through town centers, and crescendoed at the iconic fountains that were also covered in colorful crochet (See The Fountains of Carouge). As part of Carouge’s annual Spring festival, this pair of art installations transformed the town with color. Printemps Carougeois 2013 featured 20 major events created by artists from around the world. For my art installations, I recruited local volunteers to help create the pieces for artwork. The involvement of these people in the creation of the installation is an essential element of the piece. The energy invested by so many wonderful people -- strangers before the project began -- transforms the artwork into a communal experience that transcends the work itself. (Special thanks to my excellent assistants Molly Sedensky, Joni Martin and Christi Dufour.)

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