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Grow Lights

Resin, Sculpy, Electrical
Site specific installation
The Sculpture Show, Asterisks Gallery, Cleveland, OH (invitational) - 2004
Student Annual Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH (juried) - 2002
THAW, Ice House, AKron, OH (group) - 2001
Grow Lights is a commentary on the sterility and instability of genetic experimentation. Among the questions posed by the project are: Have we as a society progressed to the point that a fetus can be manufactured in a laboratory environment without nurture or nature? (The Dolly the Sheep cloning experiments seem to point in this direction.) Do we as a society view the growth of a human life as being similar to the growth of a test-tube grown bacteria, fungus or plant? Have we considered the implications of growing humans, or for that matter, animals? What has been done to prevent the growth and spread of human weeds? Who will determine the difference between a human weed, wildflower or prize-winning hybrid? Who should be in control? Who will be in control? Should there be control? What should the control be? The answers lie ahead.

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