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Steel, Yarn
96"h x 108"w x 60"d
The NEO Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH (juried) - 2005
COZY, Sculpture Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH (solo) - 2004
Personal narrative and subjective memory underpin Cozy, a sculpture that is meant to be experienced physically as well as psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually. Saturated by a sense of history and nostalgia that is both completely familiar and totally unfamiliar, Cozy guides viewers to a place within themselves where they can contemplate issues involving personal awareness, potential, choice, and resilience. Cozy serves as a metaphor for the influences faced in adulthood that are simultaneously comforting and controlling, entrapping and empowering. This piece utilizes the crib, a familiar object that suggests protection, care, and confinement. Its scale is altered to create an interior space that mimics a jail cell. The use of bright, garishly colored crocheted yarn, common elements in afghans, wraps the object in personal and cultural nostalgia. While softening the rigid, metal form, the yarn also emphasizes it. While it imbues the object with nostalgia and memory, it also encases, entraps, and enfeebles the form. Cozy sets up a conflict between form and substance; the masculinity of the large, linear object and its feminine covering of soft yarn. The jail-like structure is at odds with the crib-like form even though the structure is completely covered by the cozy. And, while the structure remains rigid, the skin on one leg is growing and pulling away, indicating potential, growth and a new beginning.

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