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Nuclear Cocoon

40'h x 50'w x 12'd
Tina B. Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Republic - 2011
Nuclear Cocoon builds upon the Indian tradition of wrapping string around Banyan trees to make wishes come true. For this piece, I wrapped twin stairways in yarn in the colors of the flags of the nine countries that possess nuclear warheads creating a nuclear cocoon through which the public passes. As the strings weave together, they form a multifaceted beautiful fabric presenting the possibility that if the nuclear countries interweave their cultures they can create something of beauty instead of destructive. Nuclear weapons by country: United States - 9,600; Russia - 12,000 nuclear weapons; UK - 225; France - 300; China - 240; India - 80; Israel - 80; Pakistan - 90; North Korea - 10. Special thanks to Coats & Clark for the donation of yarn for this project and to my excellent installation assistants Miroshlav Baraczek and Marek Jaks.

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