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Tribute Tree -- Chardon High School

Macrame Cord
Tribute Tree is a memorial to all who suffered as the result of the February 27, 2012 student shootings at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio. It was created with the help of my daughters and friends and donations from Hambden Grange (hydraulic lift) and Pepperell Braiding (black cord) as a tribute to the community of Chardon that came together with love and compassion after the tragedy. As one mother wrote: The tree is a beautiful symbol of hope and unity for our children. As they move forward from this tragedy, as best as they can, seeing the symbolic tree you created for them makes them a little stronger each day. I was at the high school on Saturday when you were creating the artwork it was emotional to see but touched my heart deeply. My son was in awe and we hugged and shed some tears for all that has happened along with your generosity. Assistants on Tribute Tree were: My daughter Molly Sedensky & Baby Luke, my daughter Emily, Ellyn, Ben DeRubertis, Barb Moser, Joni Martin, Rick Maiden, Mike Messner and Rich Princic who delivered and loaned us use of his ladders

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