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Family Photos

Buddha Enlightened, Bodhgaya, India - 2006
The official launch of an International collaborative work Family Photos by artists Carol Hummel, USA, Anna Macleod, Ireland, and Peter Burke, Australia, took place in Bodhgaya, India. Drawing upon the rich Indian tradition of gift-giving festivals such as Racha and Racha Bandhan, Family Photos celebrates the incredible and unconditional welcome afforded to visitors in India where families invite virtual strangers into their lives and homes including them in family-orientated rituals and celebrations. During their stay at Bodhgaya the artists met people on the streets and took photos of themselves with their new adopted families. Something of the spontaneity of these meetings is captured in each snapshot. Friends photographed were invited to see the 560 photographs produced and were given their photographs as a gift from their newest family members. The notion of exchange, friendship and memory mementoes is at the core of the project and underpins the desire of the artists to connect and communicate with people in different locations around the world. Family Photos invites people to go beyond passive observation of art works by becoming active participants in the making of an art work and circumvents the perceived value of art by making it free.

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