Recent Sculpture

The Wee Shoppe of Global Dysfunctions

Jam Jars, Yarn, Empty Shop
Site specific installation
Alter/native Project, The Shambles Yard, Boyle, Ireland - 2010
The Wee Shoppe of Global Dysfunction addresses the issues of subjectivity and classification as it relates to people, ideas and art. During a two week period, dysfunctions were gathered via email and text messaging from people around the world. Approximately 500 dysfunctions were collected. Jam jars -- complete with colorful crocheted covers -- were labeled with the dysfunctions and installed on shelves in the Shoppe emphasizing the concepts of classification and display. The nostalgic display provided a comfortable space in which visitors could explore the subjectivity of human dysfunction. Visitors to the Shoppe were invited to view the ?merchandise,? label a jar with their own dysfunctions and put it on display, trade their dysfunctions for other dysfunctions, or acquire new dysfunctions. How different viewers perceived and judged the dysfunctions -- and the art installation as a whole -- through their personal and cultural filters emphasized the ideas of subjectivity and classification.

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