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Paani Bachoa! (Conserve Water!)

Printed Posters
Delhi, Jaipur, Jammu, Shimla and Srinagar, India - 2010
A collaborative project by artists Carol Hummel ( USA) and Anna Macleod ( Irl) Shimla, Jammu, Srinagar, New Delhi and Jaipur, India March ? April 2010. Paani Bachao! (save water) is an ongoing project that posits a ubiquitous poster image into public spaces in varying global locations to examine attitudes to water as an element for life. Initially inspired by a ?conserve water? image produced by Dublin City Council in April / May 2010 shown on LED screens on the major traffic arteries into Dublin City, the Paani Bachao poster image seeks to explore the agency of an image operating in public spaces across diverse communities and provide a locus for transcultural discursive exchange about an essential global question. Water becomes an emotive tool to discuss personal histories and innovative ideas associated with the element of water. The public interventions of the Paani Bachao poster are continually reconfigured and informed by the specifics of the location be it an academic forum, public street, water pumping station or artisan colony. The image for the Paani Bachao poster in India was drawn by Orissan artist Kshitish Dass.

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