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Student Annual Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, Kent Stte University, Kent, OH (juried) - 2003
Unraveling utilizes an afghan with colors and patterns that are bright and bold, evocative of a particular era and social class, which I put in middle-class America in the Sixties and Seventies… basically my background. The material, yarn, is a feminine material and the piece is, in my mind, very much about females in the home. To me, the unraveling yarn is like some cryptic writing in a private diary or paint dripping from a melting canvass that is taking on new life and reforming into a new story… or a new masterpiece. In this piece, one strand of yarn is heading out on its own, searching. Unraveling is about something that is simultaneously ending and beginning… one of the basic processes of life and one of my favorite sculptural themes.

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