Recent Sculpture

Buddha Bound

Rope, Tree
50' h x varies (site specific)
Buddha Enlightened, Bodhgaya, India - 2006
The Buddha Tree is a living thing that is tightly bound by rope in the colors of the Buddhist flag, which represent the colors of the aura that surrounded the head of Buddha when he reached enlightenment beneath the bodhi tree. Buddhist thought supports freedom of being, thought, action, will. However, through this concept they are bound together as individuals, as Buddhists, as beings in this universe. Rope wraps and holds things together as well as binds and constricts them. Binding living things, whether it be via philosophy or rope, results is confinement. Tie yourself too tightly into any ideology and it becomes exclusionary. Therefore, all influences must be carefully considered and then accepted or rejected to ensure that the wrappings add to comfort, not confinement.

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