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Once Familiar, Sky Lounge, Museum of Modern Art/Cleveland, Cleveland, OH (group) - 2005
Boxed is about the tug-of-war between comfort and confinement. Each strand of the soft, homey yarn evokes memories of comfort and home while simultaneously tying and binding space itself. This is meant to be an analogy about life. From the moment we are born, we are wrapped by our families, our environment and our culture. We are continually transformed by these interactions... but my question is: are we freed or bound by these influences? Are we boxed in, or out, when reality becomes irretrievably tangled in the web of memory and moment? These are the ideas that provided the creative impetus for Boxed, and the use of scale, color, material and space are the tools I utilized to create a sculpture that is meant to be experienced, first physically, and then, I hope, psychologically, emotionally, and/or intellectually. I believe that objects which engage you both physically and psychologically, that cause you to take time to absorb them, have a chance of tapping into those levels of the unconscious where memory is made, where reality and unreality exist simultaneously... and from this place you can choose to consider concepts that not only drive the piece of art but that drive the whole of humanity. On a more practical level, I wrapped 884 sq. ft. of area in yarn and it took 138 hours and approximately 271,000 feet of yarn

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