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Red Carpet

72"h x 72"w x 96"d(varies)
Women's Works, Northwest Area Arts Council, Crystal Lake, IL (juried) 2nd Place Award - 2005
You Are Ugly, Sculpture Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH (solo) - 2003
My life unraveled as lives are prone to do periodically. Piece by piece my carefully constructed world fell apart. The strands that held my family, my friendships, my relationships together, frayed, weakened, and snapped, one by one. I was alone, in tatters. But, to the surprise of many, the fabric of my being remained strong. I tied the threads of myself together and began weaving a new life. It was awkward, clumsy, and imperfect, but it is me. I hold my arms open and day by day I weave a red carpet welcoming in whatever is to be.

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