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Namaste, Bhai! Namaste, Didi!

Site Specific Performance
Buddha Enlightened - 2 Be, Bodhgaya Exhibition Grounds, Bodhgaya, India - 2011
Buddha Enlightened - 2 Be, Gandhi Maidan Museum, Patna, Bihar, India - 2011
In an on-going project, Carol Hummel examines the ties that bind human being together by hand-making bracelets and gifting them to everyone she meets. Her actions are rooted in an examination of how we are connected through kinship, labour, social interaction and friendship. Traversing socially constructed constraints of difference her gesture of gifting a handmade bracelet to all she meets crosses the boundaries that separate and confine humanity. The simplicity of the exchange is deceptive for it recalls bonding rituals that are central to the idea of what it is to be a social being. During her stay in Bodhgaya, Carol gifted bracelets to more than 1,300 people. She has given out more than 2,800 bracelets in India during the past year. Photographed by Michael Crowder, Anna Macleod, Padraig Cunningham, Mohit Kant Mishra, Akhilesh Gaur

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