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Trees, Steel, Yarn
Structures of Experience, an exhibition in response to Robert Smithson, School of Art, Kent State University, Kent, OH (juried)
Levels utilizes topographical mapping, which provides graphic representation of the surface features of a place, indicating their relative positions and elevations, as an analogy for the strata of human existence and understanding. To me, Levels is about the levels/balance/equilibrium that exist whether acknowledged or not. No matter what the point (elevation) of origination, nature (trees) and nurture (crocheted yarn covering) combine to determine the ultimate levels of existence. In one regard, Levels is about the physical mapping of a place and its topography. I mapped a stand of brush, created a grid, selected 5 trees from the grid and remapped it in the gallery. On another, it wraps the relational strata of the trees in colors of crocheted yarn, representing the levels that result when nature is completely wrapped in cultural influences, which are soft, cozy, and colorful as well as controlling, constraining, and all encompassing.

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