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Embracing Bindy, Crocheted Connections, Bethel, NY

4mm Craft Cord
Site Specific Installation
Embracing Bindy, Crocheted Connections, is a site-specific installation that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. Sponsored by Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and Gay Rosenthal Productions, the artwork includes 18 trees adorned up to 35 feet with colorful crocheted circles and patterns as well as 3 areas wrapped in colorful yarn. The installation leads visitors through the historic Bindy Bazaar in Bindy Woods where vendors set up their sales stands during Woodstock. The festival brought together nearly a half a million strangers for 3 days of music, peace, and joy. It was a moment in time when the stars aligned, positive energy flourished, humanity displayed its best nature and Woodstock rocked the world. It caused the entire world to pause and wonder whether, after all, people of all kinds could come together in peace and harmony. That is why it is so important to keep the legacy of Woodstock alive. So stroll slowly through Bindy Bazaar. Enjoy the historically-supercharged woods adorned with crocheted flashbacks of color and textures. And go into the future -- OUR future -- with peace, hope and love.

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